Snow Day Taper Workout

A snow day might be awesome for mental health, but let’s try not to break taper too early!

If it’s safe for you (ONLY IF IT’S SAFE!) to make it to a pool today that would be best for our conference training program. If It’s just too crazy out there for you, go ahead and stay home, but do some yoga and core work to maintain your taper.

Below you’ll find a pool workout (it will look familiar) and I’ve also found a yoga session that should get your heart rate up while working on strength and flexibility.

Obviously, these aren’t required, but you should be aware that having 4 days off in the week leading up to conference isn’t necessarily a good thing…


300 Easy Warm Up

Stroke Drills (main stroke)

12×50 @1:10

4 rounds

  • Perfect swim
  • BR: heel snap BK: reach for ceiling FL: 2nd kick
  • Choice drill

Main set

20×25 @:40

  • hard/easy
  • Easy/hard
  • All easy
  • All hard

200 easy


2×25 for time @1:00

400 Easy Cool Down



To get your core engaged for this yoga session, start with 2x 1:00 of plank.