Men’s Season Information

Preseason is 2/21-2/24 at 3:15 at LHS, end time is approximately 4:45-5:00

Monday is the first official practice. 

  • Attendance for lettering WILL be taken starting Monday! See information packet for lettering details. 
  • Athletic paperwork needs to be cleared by the athletic office before an athlete can attend practice. 
  • Athletes should have a buoy, paddles and fins by the first official practice, Wednesday at the latest.

Team Gear
The team’s flash store will be open soon and run for 7 days. After the store closes it cannot be re-opened! Get your orders for team apparel in ASAP! As soon as the store is open a link will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and in the text group. All athletes are expected to order the team shirt (either Tank or T), everything else is optional.

Team Suit
Team suits are required, they are our uniform! Suits are ordered through MI Sports on North Garfield. You can go there starting today to order them, and athletes can try on suits to get the right size. The suit order deadline is March 1st!

Parent Meeting
There will be an informational meeting for parents and athletes on Wednesday 2/28 in the Library at LHS at 5:30PM!. If you cannot attend this meeting please let me know. We’ll go over season expectations, lettering criteria, volunteer needs, changes and more.

Team Dinners
Team dinners are a HUGE part of building a strong and bonded team! These take place the evening prior to every meet. We do our team dinners potluck style so the host family isn’t completely overwhelmed. If you choose to host a team dinner you will be responsible for the main dish only! You can sign up to host a dinner here. Thank you for opening your home to the team!

Information Packet
Please take a look at the information packet before the parent meeting on Wednesday. There have been some changes, so read through carefully.

Other Important Stuff

  • Our first meet is Tuesday March 7th at Loveland High School. Get ready!
  • Our team Fundraiser is volunteering at the Boulder IRONMAN on June 10th. This is the only fundraising we do, and it is VITAL to our team that athletes participate in this event. Mark this date in your calendars, more information will be sent shortly on how to sign up!
  • Follow (or at least bookmark our twitter page) LHS Swim & Dive on Twitter for up to date information and meet highlights.
  • Join the Facebook group!
  • Make sure athletes are included in the GroupMe text message group!
  • Meet volunteer sign up sheets for home meets can be found here. We need timers and computer system folks for each of our four home meets.

Mid-Season Reminders

Senior Night

Thursday is our last home meet of the season, which means: Senior Night! We’ll take some time to honor our seniors before the 400 Free Relay takes place near the end of the meet. To help make this event super special, I need the following from each senior swimmer or diver:

  1. Your senior photo or a fun picture of you now. (emailed or texted is fine)

  2. A picture of you as a cute baby.

  3. This sheet, all filled out and in my hands by Wednesday, January 4th.

Updated Intervals

Before everyone left for break, swimmers completed a test set! New lane assignments and intervals based upon that set can be found here.


Fundraising is due on January 27th and is a requirement for lettering.

If you volunteered at the Boulder IRONMAN last summer, you have completed this requirement! Congrats!

Otherwise, you need to collect donations of either $75(returners) or $35(new to the team) by January 27th. The fundraising form can be viewed and printed here. If you are unable to fundraise but would still like to earn a letter in swimming or diving, you can sign up to commit to be a volunteer at the Boy’s Team’s Loveland Invitational Meet that will take place on Saturday, March 18th. Volunteering at this meet will fulfill the fundraising requirement. There are only 18 volunteer spaces available and they are first come, first served.

**If you commit to volunteering at the Invite and don’t show up to the meet to volunteer, I will place a fee on your school account in the amount above. iIf you commit to attending, you need to attend.**


Fundraising for the 2017-2018 seasons will be taking place at the Boulder IRONMAN, Sunday, June 11th.

Last year, the team made over $2000 volunteering at this event, and the IRONMAN athletes were incredibly grateful. Using this as a fundraiser eliminates the need to ask anyone for money, or go door to door selling useless things. It’s a great experience and a super easy way for the team to meet the district’s fundraising requirement.

More specific info will come as I receive it from the Boulder IM volunteer coordinator. If you know you are able to attend this fundraiser event, you won’t have to fundraise next season! Hoorah!

Please sign up below so I can get a headcount for the coordinator. If this date doesn’t work for you, you will be required to fundraise during the season, same as this year.


Drag Suits

Start wearing drag suits or tights now! The more resistance you have during training, the more it will pay off during the meets leading up to and including Conference and State. EVERYONE (not divers) should be wearing drag starting on Monday.

Check out last year’s post on making a drag suit here.

City Meet Highlights

Loveland Swimmers and Divers are the City Champions for the 4th year in a row! Yay us!

  • Loveland: 509
  • Thompson Valley: 475
  • Mountain View: 276

City Meet results with Splits

Most improved: Shyanne Thorpe dropped 13.58 seconds off her 100 Breaststroke time, swimming 1:44.67

Personal Bests: 14 Personal best times and scores were swum/dove by Loveland athletes.

High Point Scorer: Grace Payton and Erin Lang tied for high point scorer, each bringing in 32 points for Loveland with two 1st place swims a piece.

New State Cuts: Erin Lang joins the ranks of the state team with cuts in both the 500 Freestyle (5:15.37) and the 100 Backstroke (58.86). Josie Brohard qualified in the 200IM with a time of 2:19.47, and Grace Payton added the 50 Freestyle to her list of state cuts with a time of 26.08.




Saturday 12/31:

  • All athletes – Weights 9:30-10:30

Monday 1/2:

  • Swim – LHS 7:30 – 10:15 (Swim & Weights)
  • Dive – No Practice

Tuesday 1/3:

  • Swim – LHS 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 5-7PM

Wednesday 1/4:

  • Swim – 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 6-8AM
  • TEAM DINNER: Wietse Wullink’s! Address and time TBA at practice!

Thursday 1/5:

  • Swim LHS 7:30-9:00 (Pre-Meet)

Meet: Greeley West at Loveland


  • Warm up: 3:00
  • Meet Start: 4:00

Friday 1/6:

  • Swim – 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 6-8AM
  • TEAM DINNER: Brohard House! Address and time TBA at practice!

Saturday 1/7:

BOCO Invitational

  • At VMAC in Thornton
  • Bus leaves LHS at 8:15
  • Einstein’s Bagels with the team before the meet! Bring some money for breakfast!
  • Warm up either 10 or 10:30
  • Meet Start 11:00AM

Monday 1/9:

  • Return to regular season schedule.


Whats Up This Week: 11/28-12/4

The season is about to hit full stride, and we need your help to keep it running smoothly! We have two meets this week and have some volunteer spaces to fill at each. If you verbally volunteered for something at our parent meeting the other week, please sign up for it below! If you’re already signed up, YOU ROCK!

We need folks to help our Concessions lead (Trinh Robertson) and our Coaches Hospitality lead (Stephanie Francher-English) during the meet. As the saying goes “Many hands make light work,” and the more folks who volunteer to more everyone can actually watch the meet! If you’re wiling to pitch in a bit of time during the meet, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with them!

Sign up to Volunteer

We’ve had a coaching shakeup on the diving side of the team. Our new diving coach is Sarah Smith, a graduate of Loveland High, former Diver and Gymnast. She’s working on a new practice schedule for diviers, I’ll communicate that with you all as soon as it’s finalized. The scheudle will also be updated in the team calendar, which you can subscribe to here.

This Weeks News:


  • First morning practice! Meet at the weight room at 6:00am. Remember, practices count toward lettering so you need to attend as many as possible! Each missed practice is -5 points off of your total.
  • Before afternoon practice we will be choosing secret sister partners.
  • Team suits will be in house on Monday!
  • After practice at 5:00pm we will be tie dying shirts! Bring a plain white shirt to practice and a gallon size ziplock bag.

Tuesday: Team Dinner! Taco Bar at Audrey Bankes’ House, address TBA at practice!

  • Freshman: Salad
  • Sophomores: Drinks
  • Juniors: Side (bread, fruit, etc)
  • Seniors: Dessert

Loveland is hosting Boulder High School for our first meet of the season!

  • Athletes will be released from Class at 2:45
  • Warm up begins at 3:00 sharp!
  • Meet starts at 4:00pm
  • If a parent is interested in helping run the System 5, please let me know!

Make-up morning practice: at LHS pool from 5:45-7:00AM, worth 1 point toward lettering.

Team Dinner! Pizza at Makyna Schmollinger’s House, Address TBA at Practice

  • Freshman: Salad
  • Sophomores: Drinks
  • Juniors: Side (bread, fruit, etc)
  • Seniors: Dessert

Sweetheart Meet!

  • All swimmers should be at Mountain View Aquatic Center (MVAC) by 6:45AM.
  • There is no transportation provided for in-city meets.
  • Open warm up’s will start at 7:00
  • Meet will begin at 8:00

Other Stuff

If you were unable to attend the parent meeting, here’s everything we went over.

If you were unable to attend practice over break, have a parent/guardian sign a note confirming you practiced on your own to recieve full points toward lettering.

Think about your season goals and write them on the board next week!


Preseason: Things You Need to Know

Preseason Swim Practices start tomorrow!

Preseason Diving Practices start on Thursday!

This year for preseason we’ll really be focusing on building that aerobic base back up, and teaching newcomers the stroke basics. If you’re out of swimming shape at all I would suggest attending as many of these practices as possible! Club swimmers are also welcome to attend, but realize that these sets will be extremely easy compared to your club practices.
The goal will be to have everyone back into shape before the season starts on the 11th!

There will be no mornings during preseason training, and no practice on Saturday the 5th or 12th.

** No paperwork needs to be turned in for preseason, but it does need to be done by season start, November 11th **

Just a reminder, before the season starts all swimmers need to have the following gear:

  • Fins
  • Buoy
  • Paddles
  • Goggles
  • Cap (I have Loveland caps available for purchase! Silicon: $12 and Latex: $4)
  • Practice Suit (Different from competition suit!)

Spirit Packs

I’m meeting with a company tomorrow to set up an online store for this years team apparel. The store will be a “flash store” that will be open for several days and then close on a specific date. After the close, all items ordered by you will be sent to the school and handed out as spirit packs. Details, dates and a link to the store will be sent out when things are finalized. All athletes should buy the team shirt, optional additional gear will also be available including parent/fan shirts, sweats, yoga pants, shorts and more!

Team Suits

Suits are now available for order through MI Sports! Head in as soon as possible to try on the suit and place your order. Remember, suits WILL stretch throughout the season so they should be tight when you buy them. This year’s suit will be $56 and change.

The Season is Almost Here…

Ahoy swimmers, divers and supporters!

Girls season is just around the corner and some important info should be communicated with you all.


Firstly, thanks so much to all those who helped volunteer at the Boulder IRONMAN over the summer! During the event, both teams raised a combined $2000, including $300 bonus for being the “Best Newcomer Team.” As you all know, if you helped out at the IRONMAN you DO NOT need to do any other fundraising for the team this year! If you were unable to help out at the IRONMAN for any reason, you’re asked to contribute to the team in some other way, either financially or through volunteering. Here are your options:

  • Donate $75 to LHS Swim & Dive (at the IRONMAN we made about $75 per volunteer)
  • Volunteer for a position at the Sweetheart Invite, 12/3 at MVHS. We need help with organizing and running concessions and coaches hospitality for this meet, as well as a safety marshal, timing table help and lane timers. You can sign up to volunteer here. Boys team, you can volunteer to help at the Girls Sweetheart Meet, and Girls visa-versa. Athletes – if you choose to volunteer for this meet, you will be released from school early, but you must sign up on the form!
  • Donate an item(s) with a value of $75 minimum to the all-school fundraiser silent auction taking place this November. (More Info to come)

Helping the team fundraise is an important part of being a leader and helping the program grow. I will be keeping track of who contributes throughout the year, and if you do not make a contribution to the team, either though volunteering or with a donation, you will be unable to earn a letter at the end of the season.

What are we doing with our earned funds?

Lots of stuff! Probably most excitingly, we’re getting 11 new parkas this season! They’re grey and black Speedo parkas that will say Loveland Swim & Dive on the back. These will be added into our current parkas, and we’ll hopefully be able to have a full new set by the girls season 2017.

We’re also getting new equipment for training, including five 15# slam balls, and six stretch cords for in-water resistance training.

We are also able to pay Jim, our dive coach! Jim says thanks!


Because of this year’s athletic schedule we are able to have more time to train before the season starts! Preseason will start on November 1st. This time will be spent on stroke basics, and slowly building a foundation on which to build a successful season. If you’re currently swimming for a club, I would encourage you to continue with your club practices until the season begins on November 11th. Remember to turn in your athletic paperwork to Jackie in the office before the season starts, ideally before preseason!

There will be a parent parent meeting sometime AFTER the season officially begins. If anyone has any questions before then, please feel free to ask!


Loveland Swimming is now 4A

This includes both girls and boys teams! What exactly does that mean? Athletes are now shooting for 4A State Qualifying marks rather than 5A and we’ll attend the 4A State Meet. Our league will remain the same, competing against some of the strongest 5A schools in the state. Our meets will be scored the same, the only change is that our opponents and us will be shooting for different state times.