2017-2018 Girls Swim Season: Important Dates

2017-2018 Ladies Swim & Dive Practice Schedule

Preseason: November 7th, 8th and 9th

• 3:15-5:00PM

Official Season Starts: November 10th @ 3:15-5:20PM

Tentative Daily Schedule:

  • Monday: 5:45-7:00AM Weights & 3:15-5:20PM Swim
  • Tuesday: 3:15-5:20PM Swim
  • Wednesday: 6:00-7:00AM Weights & 3:15-5:20PM Swim
  • Thursday: 3:15-5:20PM Swim
  • Friday: 3:15-5:20PM Swim
  • Saturday: 9:30-10:30AM Weights

Other Important Dates: 

  • Preseason Meeting: 10/25 @ Lunch at the pool
  • First Day Meeting: 11/10 3:15PM
  • Parent & Athlete Meeting: 11/13 6:00PM
  • Vote on Captains: 11/16 3:15PM

The meet schedule is still being worked on, I’ll post that when I have it!

WE ARE HOSTING CONFERENCE once again, I will need all hands on deck!

Check out the 2017-2018 Info Packet here: 2017-2018 Women’s Information Packet



Men’s Team News: Updates

Things you need to know:

  • Due to a scheduling snafu preseason will now start on Wednesday 2/22 at 3:15pm, NOT Tuesday.
  • If you missed the team store, it will open again Monday 2/27 and stay open through Monday 3/6. Make sure you get your team gear ordered, the team tank (red) is part of your uniform!
  • Due to lack of interest from other teams, the Loveland Relays meet has been canceled. It has been replaced with the Mountain Vista Invite at the Colorado School of Mines.
  • The Parent and Athlete Meeting will take place (Hopefully) on Thursday March 2nd at 6:00pm at LHS, waiting to hear on exact location.
  • All the tabs and resources on the website have been updated to be accurate for the men’s season, including the team schedule.

What athletes need to do before Monday, February 27th:

  • Order your suit from MI Sports, they will take orders until March 1st.
  • Make sure you have the required equipment (buoy, paddles, fins, goggles, practice suit)
  • Have your athletic paperwork filled out and approved by the athletic secretary BEFORE Feb 27th.

What parents need to do at their earliest convenience:



Ladies Team News: State Week!

This weekend was one of the best swim meets I’ve ever seen. All of our athletes competed hard, many of them were rewarded with personal best times and two more athletes qualified for state. I watched as the team supported one another, cheered each other on, talked strategy, and enjoyed every single second of this final regular-season meet.

I’m so proud of this team.

Thank you, Athletes, for being so dedicated throughout the season, for being kind and supportive teammates, for being coachable and constantly looking for ways to improve. Each member of this team has contributed to the overall success of the season, and I hope that everyone feels a strong sense of accomplishment as we bring the regular season to a close. You are the best set of athletes a coach could ever ask for!

Thank you parents and supporters, the girls (and myself!) wouldn’t have been even half as successful without your support outside of the water!

We will be having a team banquet in the coming weeks, details and information on location and date will be sent via email. If anyone has fun photos from this season that want included in a slideshow, please send them to me!

Front Range League Meet Highlights

Loveland: 4th out of 13 teams

Season bests: Out of 68 individual splashes, athletes saw season best times/scores in 51 of them!

Most improved: Kalie Szuch dropped an astounding 18 seconds from her 200 freestyle time, swimming 2:50.43

High Point: Erin Lang scored 56 points for Loveland, winning the 200 Freestyle (1:54.92) and placing 3rd in the 100 Backstroke (57.85).

New State cuts:

  • Emma Turner got the state cut in the 100 Breaststroke swimming 1:15.47 at Finals on Saturday.
  • Reagan Jarnagin qualified in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 1:05.23 during Prelims on Friday.
  • Mia Gauvin added three more events to her state ticket on Saturday, the 200 freestyle (2:05.62), 100 Freestyle (56.99) and the 50 Freestyle (26.40)

Congratulations ladies!!

If you’re finished swimming for this season, please bring your parka back to the pool any time between 3-4pm next week. If a parka has been checked out and is not returned, a $120 fee will be placed on your student account to replace the lost parka. Please return these things!


Looking ahead to State

Next week we’ll be tapering state athletes at the normal time, 3:15PM. Any athletes who want to join us are welcome!

This year, 4A state will be taking place at EPIC in Fort Collins on February 10th and 11th. There will not be a bus to this meet, please make your own transportation arrangements.

Friday February 10th

Swimming Prelims

  • State qualified athletes will be released from class at 1:00PM
  • The team will meet at the swimmer statue outside EPIC on the north side of the building at 2:00PM
  • The pool doors open to athletes at 2:15PM
  • Warm up 2:30PM
  • Meet start: 4:00PM


Saturday February 11th

Diving Prelims

  • The divers will meet Sarah Smith at the swimmer statue at 7:15AM
  • Doors open at 7:30AM
  • Warm up 8:00AM
  • Prelims begin 9:30AM


Swimming and Diving Finals

  • The team will meet at the swimmer statue at 12:30PM
  • Doors open: 12:45PM
  • Warm up: 1:00PM
  • Meet Start: 2:30PM


Parents and fans, you can purchase tickets in advance here, or you can purchase them on site at EPIC with cash only.


State Entries

Ashley Peet

  • 100 Breast 01:09.60

  • 200 Individual Medley 02:23.60

  • 200 Medley Relay – 1st Team 01:51.87

Callie Ketner

  • 400 Free Relay – 1st Team 03:48.57

Emma Turner

  • 100 Breast 01:15.47

Erin Lang

  • 100 Back 00:57.85

  • 500 Free 05:15.37

  • 400 Free Relay – 1st Team 03:48.57

  • 200 Medley Relay – 1st Team 01:51.87

Grace Payton

  • 100 Free 00:55.47

  • 200 Free 01:59.55

  • 200 Free Relay – 1st Team 01:44.60

  • 200 Medley Relay – 1st Team 01:51.87

Josie Brohard

  • 100 Back 01:02.49

  • 200 Free Relay – 1st Team 01:44.60

  • 400 Free Relay – 1st Team 03:48.57

  • 200 Individual Medley 02:15.68

Katherine Wullink

  • 100 Breast 01:11.92

  • 200 Free Relay – 1st Team

  • 200 Individual Medley 02:19.60

Mia Gauvin

  • 100 Free 00:56.99

  • 200 Free Relay – 1st Team 01:44.60

  • 400 Free Relay – 1st Team 03:48.57

  • 200 Medley Relay – 1st Team 01:51.87

Moira Dillow

  • One-Meter 348.05

Morgan Adams

  • One-Meter 321.25

Olivia Brock

  • One-Meter 358.15

Paige Strait

  • One-Meter 348.55

Reagan Jarnagin

  • 100 Back 01:05.23


In less than one month we’ll begin our regular season practices! Here’s what you should know before that time.

PRESEASON: Begins Tuesday, Februrary 21st, 3:15-5:00pm 

Regular season begins Monday Februrary 27th. No athlete will be permitted in the water until they have turned in their clearance paperwork to the athletic secretary. The school is VERY strict about this rule. You can get those forms now in the athletic office, and if you haven’t yet competed in a sport this school year, you will need a physical.

There will be an athlete meeting on the 27th before practice starts at 3:15PM on the pool deck.

The date of the parent meeting is TBD, and will likely take place a couple weeks into the season.

Lastly, you can order your team gear now! Every athlete needs to get the team shirt (red t shirt), and everything else is optional. Put your last name or a nickname on the back for free! There’s also a “Team Behind the Team” shirt for parents this year! The team store will be open for one week, until February 12th. 
I strongly suggest participating in this preseason order. The company we’re working with will take about a month to process everything once the store closes on Sunday Februrary 12th. They will ship everything to the school and we should recieve it mid-March. Shipping will be a flat $3 per order.
If you know of new swimmers this year who may not yet be on this mailing list, please share the link with them!
We will do another store the first week of the season.

Check Out the Team Store Here

This Season’s Schedule

AM 6:00-7:00 Weights (starting 2nd week)
PM 3:15-5:00

PM 3:15-5:30

PM 3:15-5:30

AM 5:45-7:00 Optional Swim Makeup
PM 3:15-5:30

PM 3:15-5:00

Saturday AM 9:30-10:30 Weights

Mid-Season Reminders

Senior Night

Thursday is our last home meet of the season, which means: Senior Night! We’ll take some time to honor our seniors before the 400 Free Relay takes place near the end of the meet. To help make this event super special, I need the following from each senior swimmer or diver:

  1. Your senior photo or a fun picture of you now. (emailed or texted is fine)

  2. A picture of you as a cute baby.

  3. This sheet, all filled out and in my hands by Wednesday, January 4th.

Updated Intervals

Before everyone left for break, swimmers completed a test set! New lane assignments and intervals based upon that set can be found here.


Fundraising is due on January 27th and is a requirement for lettering.

If you volunteered at the Boulder IRONMAN last summer, you have completed this requirement! Congrats!

Otherwise, you need to collect donations of either $75(returners) or $35(new to the team) by January 27th. The fundraising form can be viewed and printed here. If you are unable to fundraise but would still like to earn a letter in swimming or diving, you can sign up to commit to be a volunteer at the Boy’s Team’s Loveland Invitational Meet that will take place on Saturday, March 18th. Volunteering at this meet will fulfill the fundraising requirement. There are only 18 volunteer spaces available and they are first come, first served.

**If you commit to volunteering at the Invite and don’t show up to the meet to volunteer, I will place a fee on your school account in the amount above. iIf you commit to attending, you need to attend.**


Fundraising for the 2017-2018 seasons will be taking place at the Boulder IRONMAN, Sunday, June 11th.

Last year, the team made over $2000 volunteering at this event, and the IRONMAN athletes were incredibly grateful. Using this as a fundraiser eliminates the need to ask anyone for money, or go door to door selling useless things. It’s a great experience and a super easy way for the team to meet the district’s fundraising requirement.

More specific info will come as I receive it from the Boulder IM volunteer coordinator. If you know you are able to attend this fundraiser event, you won’t have to fundraise next season! Hoorah!

Please sign up below so I can get a headcount for the coordinator. If this date doesn’t work for you, you will be required to fundraise during the season, same as this year.


Drag Suits

Start wearing drag suits or tights now! The more resistance you have during training, the more it will pay off during the meets leading up to and including Conference and State. EVERYONE (not divers) should be wearing drag starting on Monday.

Check out last year’s post on making a drag suit here.

City Meet Highlights

Loveland Swimmers and Divers are the City Champions for the 4th year in a row! Yay us!

  • Loveland: 509
  • Thompson Valley: 475
  • Mountain View: 276

City Meet results with Splits

Most improved: Shyanne Thorpe dropped 13.58 seconds off her 100 Breaststroke time, swimming 1:44.67

Personal Bests: 14 Personal best times and scores were swum/dove by Loveland athletes.

High Point Scorer: Grace Payton and Erin Lang tied for high point scorer, each bringing in 32 points for Loveland with two 1st place swims a piece.

New State Cuts: Erin Lang joins the ranks of the state team with cuts in both the 500 Freestyle (5:15.37) and the 100 Backstroke (58.86). Josie Brohard qualified in the 200IM with a time of 2:19.47, and Grace Payton added the 50 Freestyle to her list of state cuts with a time of 26.08.




Saturday 12/31:

  • All athletes – Weights 9:30-10:30

Monday 1/2:

  • Swim – LHS 7:30 – 10:15 (Swim & Weights)
  • Dive – No Practice

Tuesday 1/3:

  • Swim – LHS 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 5-7PM

Wednesday 1/4:

  • Swim – 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 6-8AM
  • TEAM DINNER: Wietse Wullink’s! Address and time TBA at practice!

Thursday 1/5:

  • Swim LHS 7:30-9:00 (Pre-Meet)

Meet: Greeley West at Loveland


  • Warm up: 3:00
  • Meet Start: 4:00

Friday 1/6:

  • Swim – 7:30-9:30
  • Dive – MVHS 6-8AM
  • TEAM DINNER: Brohard House! Address and time TBA at practice!

Saturday 1/7:

BOCO Invitational

  • At VMAC in Thornton
  • Bus leaves LHS at 8:15
  • Einstein’s Bagels with the team before the meet! Bring some money for breakfast!
  • Warm up either 10 or 10:30
  • Meet Start 11:00AM

Monday 1/9:

  • Return to regular season schedule.