In less than one month we’ll begin our regular season practices! Here’s what you should know before that time.

PRESEASON: Begins Tuesday, Februrary 21st, 3:15-5:00pm 

Regular season begins Monday Februrary 27th. No athlete will be permitted in the water until they have turned in their clearance paperwork to the athletic secretary. The school is VERY strict about this rule. You can get those forms now in the athletic office, and if you haven’t yet competed in a sport this school year, you will need a physical.

There will be an athlete meeting on the 27th before practice starts at 3:15PM on the pool deck.

The date of the parent meeting is TBD, and will likely take place a couple weeks into the season.

Lastly, you can order your team gear now! Every athlete needs to get the team shirt (red t shirt), and everything else is optional. Put your last name or a nickname on the back for free! There’s also a “Team Behind the Team” shirt for parents this year! The team store will be open for one week, until February 12th. 
I strongly suggest participating in this preseason order. The company we’re working with will take about a month to process everything once the store closes on Sunday Februrary 12th. They will ship everything to the school and we should recieve it mid-March. Shipping will be a flat $3 per order.
If you know of new swimmers this year who may not yet be on this mailing list, please share the link with them!
We will do another store the first week of the season.

Check Out the Team Store Here

This Season’s Schedule

AM 6:00-7:00 Weights (starting 2nd week)
PM 3:15-5:00

PM 3:15-5:30

PM 3:15-5:30

AM 5:45-7:00 Optional Swim Makeup
PM 3:15-5:30

PM 3:15-5:00

Saturday AM 9:30-10:30 Weights


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