Friday’s Set: 12 Day’s of Swimming

Happy Holidays!

This fun little workout is to be done to the tune of “The 12 Day’s of Christmas.” Each item on the list is only done once, begining with number one and working toward number twelve.

600 choice warm up

On the first day of swimming, my coaches gave to me…

  • A 50 Breathing every 3
  • 200 Swim
  • 3 Solid Starts
  • 4 100’s kick
  • 500 Freestyle
  • 6 100 IM’s
  • 7 Under waters (fins- dolphin kick under lanes)
  • 8 Flips a turnin (2-turn 50’s)
  • 9 50’s Non-free
  • 10 25’s Chasing (3″ intervals, swimmers try and catch each other)
  • 11 Choice drills (50’s)
  • 12 25’s Cool Down

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