Whats Up This Week: 11/28-12/4

The season is about to hit full stride, and we need your help to keep it running smoothly! We have two meets this week and have some volunteer spaces to fill at each. If you verbally volunteered for something at our parent meeting the other week, please sign up for it below! If you’re already signed up, YOU ROCK!

We need folks to help our Concessions lead (Trinh Robertson) and our Coaches Hospitality lead (Stephanie Francher-English) during the meet. As the saying goes “Many hands make light work,” and the more folks who volunteer to more everyone can actually watch the meet! If you’re wiling to pitch in a bit of time during the meet, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with them!

Sign up to Volunteer

We’ve had a coaching shakeup on the diving side of the team. Our new diving coach is Sarah Smith, a graduate of Loveland High, former Diver and Gymnast. She’s working on a new practice schedule for diviers, I’ll communicate that with you all as soon as it’s finalized. The scheudle will also be updated in the team calendar, which you can subscribe to here.

This Weeks News:


  • First morning practice! Meet at the weight room at 6:00am. Remember, practices count toward lettering so you need to attend as many as possible! Each missed practice is -5 points off of your total.
  • Before afternoon practice we will be choosing secret sister partners.
  • Team suits will be in house on Monday!
  • After practice at 5:00pm we will be tie dying shirts! Bring a plain white shirt to practice and a gallon size ziplock bag.

Tuesday: Team Dinner! Taco Bar at Audrey Bankes’ House, address TBA at practice!

  • Freshman: Salad
  • Sophomores: Drinks
  • Juniors: Side (bread, fruit, etc)
  • Seniors: Dessert

Loveland is hosting Boulder High School for our first meet of the season!

  • Athletes will be released from Class at 2:45
  • Warm up begins at 3:00 sharp!
  • Meet starts at 4:00pm
  • If a parent is interested in helping run the System 5, please let me know!

Make-up morning practice: at LHS pool from 5:45-7:00AM, worth 1 point toward lettering.

Team Dinner! Pizza at Makyna Schmollinger’s House, Address TBA at Practice

  • Freshman: Salad
  • Sophomores: Drinks
  • Juniors: Side (bread, fruit, etc)
  • Seniors: Dessert

Sweetheart Meet!

  • All swimmers should be at Mountain View Aquatic Center (MVAC) by 6:45AM.
  • There is no transportation provided for in-city meets.
  • Open warm up’s will start at 7:00
  • Meet will begin at 8:00

Other Stuff

If you were unable to attend the parent meeting, here’s everything we went over.

If you were unable to attend practice over break, have a parent/guardian sign a note confirming you practiced on your own to recieve full points toward lettering.

Think about your season goals and write them on the board next week!



Practice: Wednesday November 23

400 warm up


Kick set no fins (600/1000)

2×200 free kick @:15r

2×100 Breaststroke kick, streamline on back @:10r

  • Keep knees underwater, focus on kicking down and feeling the water with the insoles of your feet.


Drill set (400/1400)

16×25 Breaststroke Drills @:40

  • 1-4 2 kick/1 pull – ultra-tight streamline!
  • 5-8 Slow-mo. 1 pull, 1 kick, 3 second glide in ultratight streamline
  • 9-12 Underwater pullout repeats – keep head in line with your body, spine neutral
  • 13-16 Build from steady to sprint


Pull set (600/2000)

6×100 @:10r

  • Breaststroke scull/Free pull by 25


Main Set (1800/3800)

3 Rounds

50 Free @ :50

50 Breast – Build by 25 @1:00

100 Free @ 1:30/1:40/1:50

100 Breast – Build by 25 @ 1:35/1:45/1:55

150 Free – @ 2:15/2:30/2:40

150 br build by 50 @ 2:20/2:35/2:55


100 cool down

Practice: Tuesday, November 22

Warm up


150 fr 50 bk


Kick set – fins (600/1000)


Odds 6 kick free rotation kick

Evens 6 kick backstroke rotation


Drill set (400/1400)

16×25 fins Backstroke Drills

  • 1-4 single arm bk one arm at side
  • 5-8 catch up
  • 9-12 double arm
  • 13-16 spin drill 6 stroke + easy


Pull set paddles (400/1800)


  • 75 free 25 bk


Main set (1400/3200)

2 Rounds

200 back @ 3:00/3:20

25 easy free @ 0:30

2×100 back @ 1:30/1:40

25 easy free @ 0:30

4×50 back @ 1:00

50 easy free @ 1:00

200 easy (3400)


200 Cool Down



10 Rounds

Pacer (Partner A): 10 Squats +5 Burpee

(Partner B) Leg hover until pacer is done (if on your own, hold :40)

Practice: Monday, November 21

200 Warm up

  • 75 Free
  • 25 BNF


Kick set – Fins (500/700)

10×50 @ 1:00

  • 1st 50: = 2 UW kicks off each wall
  • 2nd 50: = 4 UW Kicks off each wall
  • 3rd: = 6 UW kicks off each wall
  • 10th 50: = 20 UW Kicks off each wall


Drill Set (400/1100)

4×50 One arm pull @ 1:00

8×25 Scul w/ fins & snorkel head down @ :40


Main Set #1 (Test Set) (800/1900)

8×100 for time – Best Average :10r


Pull set (300/2200)

3×100 @ :15r

  • RPLF
  • LPRF
  • BPBF


Main Set #2 (1000/3200)

2 rounds

2x 200 Passing (fast from flags to flags) @ 3:00/3:20/3:40

1x 100 Smooth (75%) @ 1:30/1:40/1:50


200 Cool Down


Weight room orientation

Then, as many reps as possible…

2:00 Plank Cross Unders (in high plank bring right hand to left foot under body, switch)

2:00 Burpees (chest to ground)

2:00 Thrusters w/ a dumbbell (12-15lbs)

2:00 Hand-Release Push-ups

What’s Up This Week

First, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Loveland seniors Grace Payton (pictured top, fly) and Emma Turner (bottom, breaststroke) for deciding to continue their aquatic journeys and signing to swim in college!

Emma signed on Wednesday with the College of St. Mary in Omaha, Nebraska, and Grace signed on Thursday with Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.

Congratulations many, many times ladies. I’m so proud!

Now on to business…

The Team Store closes Tomorrow (Monday 11/14) at midnight, please make sure athletes get a team shirt (either the short sleeve or long sleeve option) before that date and time! I cannot re-open the store once it’s closed.
Parents, this year we have a pretty snazzy T Shirt option for you as well, so you can show your LHS pride at meets and tell everyone that you’re part of the “Team Behind the Team.”

Important Side-note on Shipping costs: I realized on Saturday when I placed my own order that each individual is being charged about $10 shipping. Since we’re having everything shipped in one order to the school, this seems silly to me. I’m working with the company to see if they can refund shipping fees back to you. If for some reason they cannot, I will see that the school refunds you the shipping fees from the swim & dive budget. Until I figure something out, please continue to order the team shirt and pay the shipping fee knowing it will be returned to you. Please also be aware that I may have to ask you for your itemized receipts from the teams store to refund these fees. Annoying I know.

Visit the Team Store Here


Team Suits are now available for order through MI Sports! Please order before Tuesday 11/15, cost is $56.

Parent/Athlete Meeting this Tuesday at 5:30 Location TBA. (I’ll send an email as soon as I confirm the location. We’ll likely be in a classroom at LHS) Please make sure at least one adult is present along with each swimmer. During this meeting I’ll go over our meet hosting responsibilities, fundraising, the athlete contract, the lettering policy, my expectations of my athletes and more.

The schedule this week (11/14-11/19) will NOT be the regular season schedule. Due to my being out of town Wednesday 11/16-Sunday 11/20, we will not start the regular season schedule until the week following Thanksgiving.
I’ll be accompanying the Loveland High Cross Country team as they compete in the Nike Southwest Regional Meet on 11/19, wish them luck!
This week each school day we will have practice from 3:15-5:20pm. No morning practice this week, and no Saturday practice on 11/19.
Divers will be at MVHS Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this and every week from 3:30-5:30pm.

The Thanksgiving break schedule is equally wonky. We will have practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that week, Athletes will have Thursday (Thanksgiving day) and Friday off. Monday’s practice is at odd time because I return from Phoenix early that morning. Regular practice will resume on Saturday 11/26.

Monday 11/21: Swim 12:00-1:45PM, followed by weights 1:45-3:00PM **Athletes please bring a notebook and pencil to this practice!**
Tuesday 11/22: Swim 7:30-9:30AM
Wednesday 11/23: Swim 7:30-9:15AM, followed by weights 9:15-10:30AM
Thursday 11/24: Off! Happy Turkey Day!
Friday 11/25: Off! Enjoy your families!
Saturday 11/26: Weights 9:30-10:30AM

If an athlete is out of town over Thanksgiving break, they will need to complete 4 practices on their own. I will be posting the swimming workouts on our website, and a parent or guardian will need to sign a note confirming the 4 practices for an athlete to receive the weeks points toward lettering.

Other Stuff