The Season is Almost Here…

Ahoy swimmers, divers and supporters!

Girls season is just around the corner and some important info should be communicated with you all.


Firstly, thanks so much to all those who helped volunteer at the Boulder IRONMAN over the summer! During the event, both teams raised a combined $2000, including $300 bonus for being the “Best Newcomer Team.” As you all know, if you helped out at the IRONMAN you DO NOT need to do any other fundraising for the team this year! If you were unable to help out at the IRONMAN for any reason, you’re asked to contribute to the team in some other way, either financially or through volunteering. Here are your options:

  • Donate $75 to LHS Swim & Dive (at the IRONMAN we made about $75 per volunteer)
  • Volunteer for a position at the Sweetheart Invite, 12/3 at MVHS. We need help with organizing and running concessions and coaches hospitality for this meet, as well as a safety marshal, timing table help and lane timers. You can sign up to volunteer here. Boys team, you can volunteer to help at the Girls Sweetheart Meet, and Girls visa-versa. Athletes – if you choose to volunteer for this meet, you will be released from school early, but you must sign up on the form!
  • Donate an item(s) with a value of $75 minimum to the all-school fundraiser silent auction taking place this November. (More Info to come)

Helping the team fundraise is an important part of being a leader and helping the program grow. I will be keeping track of who contributes throughout the year, and if you do not make a contribution to the team, either though volunteering or with a donation, you will be unable to earn a letter at the end of the season.

What are we doing with our earned funds?

Lots of stuff! Probably most excitingly, we’re getting 11 new parkas this season! They’re grey and black Speedo parkas that will say Loveland Swim & Dive on the back. These will be added into our current parkas, and we’ll hopefully be able to have a full new set by the girls season 2017.

We’re also getting new equipment for training, including five 15# slam balls, and six stretch cords for in-water resistance training.

We are also able to pay Jim, our dive coach! Jim says thanks!


Because of this year’s athletic schedule we are able to have more time to train before the season starts! Preseason will start on November 1st. This time will be spent on stroke basics, and slowly building a foundation on which to build a successful season. If you’re currently swimming for a club, I would encourage you to continue with your club practices until the season begins on November 11th. Remember to turn in your athletic paperwork to Jackie in the office before the season starts, ideally before preseason!

There will be a parent parent meeting sometime AFTER the season officially begins. If anyone has any questions before then, please feel free to ask!


Loveland Swimming is now 4A

This includes both girls and boys teams! What exactly does that mean? Athletes are now shooting for 4A State Qualifying marks rather than 5A and we’ll attend the 4A State Meet. Our league will remain the same, competing against some of the strongest 5A schools in the state. Our meets will be scored the same, the only change is that our opponents and us will be shooting for different state times.