Summer Weights Practices

This summer, the mens’ and womens’ swim & dive teams have the opportunity to use cross-training in an effective way to become better athletes. Each weekday, the weight room will be open and monitored by an LHS coach at 1:00pm for any athlete who wants to lift. In order for S&D athletes to get the most out of their time in the weight room, I’ve put together a plan for our lifting practices. Each practice should take about an hour, in many cases maybe only 45 minutes.

A few benefits of weights training:

  • Give your swimming muscles a break
  • Train your whole body
  • Increase strength and speed
  • Increase mobility and range of motion
  • Strengthen shoulder muscles (rotators) and reduce injury
  • Increased bone density (especially young females)

When an athlete arrives at the weight room, they’ll find a binder with swimmer-specific workouts on the shelves by the garage door. With a different focus for each day, the athlete will choose a WOD (workout of the day) with that day’s specific focus and get after it.

The Breakdown

General Rules:

  1. Do NOT play with the weights or machines
  2. Never lift alone
  3. Ask for a spotter!!
  4. Help each other out by checking each others’ form
  5. Close-toed shoes are required
  6. Respect the coach attending
  7. If you have a question, either ask someone or ask the Google machine
  8. Report any injury to the supervisor immediately


Check your practice plan for the day. Depending on the number of times you come in to lift, your practice will be different. ex: on your first day lifting, do practice #1. On your second day lifting do practice #2 etc. The cycle will then repeat on practice day 5, where you’ll start over on #1.

Note: The number does not represent number of practices per week, but instead the total number of your practices. If you come in twice one week, the next week you’ll come in and start with practice #3.

Warm Up

All practices begin with a warm up. This is important for injury prevention. Take 5-10 minutes to jump rope, jog, do dynamic movements (arm swings, walking lunges, any moving stretches) and get your body warm and ready to work.


This is the meat of the practice. Take about 20 minutes to complete this portion, longer if needed. Focus on form and doing each movement correctly before adding weight, and then add weight carefully. Never lift to failure! If at any point you feel your form falter, decrease weight. All Skill movements should be done thoughtfully and with perfection in mind. 


This section of the practice is color coded.

Blue: upper body focus

Red: lower body focus

Green: core/plyometric focus

The actual specific workout is up to you! Choose one that corresponds to the color for the day. Be warned, shorter time-based workouts do not mean easier. 

Every workout will hit upon valuable movements, and encourage you to increase strength, speed, and muscle efficiency. These sections are usually time-driven, so you’re competing against the clock. If at any point during the workout you feel your form fade on a weighted movement, decrease weight. This section should take between 5-20 minutes depending on the workout.


At the end of every workout, spend 5-10 minutes stretching, working to increase your flexibility.

Weight lifting practices should complement your swimming practices, not impede them! You will likely be sore, but you should warm up enough as you swim to eliminate most of the soreness. The more often you lift weights, and if you follow the instructions for weight selection, you will find yourself becoming more used to lifting weights and you won’t get as sore. 

If you have any questions about practices, contact Coach Sarah: 303-324-7596.

Between the dates of 6/26-8/1 contact Coaches Gabe (719-334-9692) or Katelyn (402-617-2999), Sarah will be without cell service.

1st Practice 2nd Practice 3rd Practice 4th Practice
Dynamic Warm Up 5-10 mins           

Skill: Deadlift

Work to challenging 8 rep weight then 3×5 reps (Explosive lift, slow lower)


Choose Blue Workout


Dynamic Warm Up 5-10 mins

Skill: Pull up

3×10 reps w/ full extension, pause at top and at bottom (count 1-1000).


Choose Red Workout


Dynamic Warm Up 5-10 mins  

Skill: Squat

Work to challenging 8 rep weight then 4×5 reps


Choose Green Workout


Dynamic Warm Up 5-10 mins                

Skill: Bench Press

Work to challenging 10 rep weight then 3×7. Explosive lift up, slow lower.

 Choose Red Workout



Feel free to google movements you don’t remember to refresh your memory. YouTube is an amazing resource.

Green Workouts (Core/Plyo)

Blue Workouts (Upper Body)

Red Workouts (Lower Body)



Volunteer Fundraiser: Boulder Ironman Triathlon

I know it seems super early to think about fundraising, but this year we’re doing something a little different for our fundraiser. Rather than selling something or asking for donations, we’re going to donate a few hours of time to the Boulder Ironman on August 7th in return for some generous grant funding. An Ironman triathlon is arguably the most grueling endurance race an athlete can complete in. Over the course of several hours, the athlete will swim 2.4 miles, ride 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles, often in extreme weather conditions like wind and heat. The volunteers at races like this make a HUGE difference in the experience of the athletes, and make it a little easier to reach the finish line.

Both the Boys and Girls Teams will be volunteering for this event. This will be the Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.17.18 AMrequired fundraiser for both seasons, so all athletes must take part. If an athlete for some reason cannot make it, they will be asked to contribute in some other way during the season, either with a financial donation to the program or by donating their time in some other productive way.

We have several position and shift options available throughout the day. Unfortunately, some of these shifts end at midnight, but keep in mind that athletes will have just finished, and they will have been racing since 6:00AM. They will need all the support they can get.

Position Descriptions

Green Team:  Environmental crew will wander throughout the site picking up any bottles, trash etc. to keep our site clean! They will be given gloves and garbage backs for this job. Help keep Boulder cleaner than we found it!
Shift 1 12 pm – 5 pm
Location: Boulder High School grounds
5 Volunteers
Shift 2 5 pm – 10 pm
Location: Boulder High School grounds
5 Volunteers
Shift 3 9:30 pm – 12 midnight
Location: Boulder High School grounds
5 Volunteers
Shift 3 9:30pm-12 midnight
Location: Finish Line
6 Volunteers

Bike Check Out: These volunteers will assist athletes find their gear bags and bikes.  All athletes, once they have finished their race, will be coming to pick up their gear.  These volunteers will be helping tired athletes find their bikes and gear bags, and help where needed.
Shift 1 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Boulder High School
15 Volunteers
Shift 2 9:00pm – 12:15am
Location: Boulder High School
15 Volunteers

One requirement that Boulder Ironman asks is that for every 4-5 student athletes that sign up, one adult volunteer needs to sign up as well. Please keep this in mind Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.17.07 AMwhen choosing when you volunteer, and understand that some of you may get moved around to meet this required ratio. I will be acting as our Volunteer Captain, so I’ll be all over the place, but both of my assistant coaches will be volunteering as well.

When you go to register, please only sign up for the stations with  “Loveland High Swim Team” next to the station and shift title. If you’re a student athlete looking to get credit for volunteer hours, or if you’re extra motivated, you can sign up for more than one shift, as long as they don’t overlap.

Click Here to Volunteer

Fundraising Goals:

Girls Team: We’re fundraising to update our gear (New Parkas?!) or add new and useful equipment to our arsenal (stretch cords, tempo trainers, medicine balls) to improve the quality of our program.

Boys Team: We’re fundraising to keep our dive coach, as a third coaches salary is not included in the school’s Swimming & Diving budget.

Two Other Random Things:

1) In order to assess the current state of our equipment to see what needs to be updated, I need to do a complete catalog of our stuff. If you have a parka, even if you’re going to swim next year, please bring it to the LHS pool on Tuesday June 7th between 5:30-6:30pm.

2) There will be open weight training sessions Monday-Thursday at 1:00pm in the weight building at LHS starting on June 6th. This is a cooperative schedule with other LHS sports, so I may not be there (sometimes I will be!), but a coach should always be present. Swimming specific workouts will be posted, so you’ll always have something productive to do. These are optional, off-season workouts that will benefit your swimming in the coming seasons.

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