Tuesday’s Practice: Active vs. Passive Recovery

400 Warm up (400)

Kick Set (800/1200)

No fins

2 rounds – SPEED KICK

3x {100 @ 2:00 – Goal to finish @ PR 100free time

  • 75 AO kick
  • 25 EZ swim}

100 Easy swim @ 1:20/1:40


Stroke Set (800/2000)

8×100 @1:20/1:25/1:30/1:35/1:40

  • 75bk/25br – up tempo


Main Set (2000/4000)

Figuring out the secret of active recovery vs passive recovery is key in all athletics, but in the world of fast-paced swim meets, sometimes with back to back events, this skill becomes invaluable. In this set you determine the length of the rest interval by how much time you take after your fast swims. Example: If you only take a couple breaths at the wall after your fast 100 in set 1, then you’ll have more passive recovery at the wall after the 100 recovery before you have to swim fast again. The other option is to split the passive rest evenly, leaving only a few seconds between each swim.

Preference between active and passive recovery depends on the athlete, experiment with strategies and do what feels best to you.

You must stop between distances. 2×100 does not equal 200.

5x total time @ 3:00/3:10/3:20/3:30/3:40

  • 100 95%
  • 100 recovery

5x total time @ 2:00/2:10/2:20/2:30/2:40

  • 100 95%
  • 50 recovery

5x @ 1:00/1:00/1:10/1:10/1:20

  • 50 AO 100%


4 Each Relay Starts (200/4200)

  • 4 ULTRA FAST strokes
  • Relax
  • FAST off wall

300 Cool Down (4500 total)

Tuesday Weights

Station 1

Power deadlift


Warm up with bar to challenging 10 rep weight

5×5 :03 lower :01 raise

Station 2

Lunges with weight at least half reps over-head

1 Round

100 total (50 per leg)


:20 plank :10 rest when done

Station 3

4 rounds

20x Bent over row with a challenging weight

40x Total Slow motion bicycles

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