Balancing School and Swimming

It’s the home stretch, the last weeks of both the season and the school year. After the tiny teaser of freedom called spring break, focusing on either school or swimming can be difficult to say the least.

However, there’s no time to lose focus.

This is the most crucial part of the season. The hardest yards, the remaining meets and last chances to qualify for state or make finals at conference.

Keeping your focus on the task at hand, weather its swimming, homework, or enjoying the outdoors can be a saving grace at this time of the year. Read the following article (it’s short, I promise) that goes into a little more detail about what exactly I’m talking about.

Being a swimmer, you most likely have learned how to manage your time wisely. However, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to balance school and swimming. Although many college students have already been through their last final, most high school and maybe middle school (not sure about elementary school finals?) are still in session. Nearing end of the school year can be a stressful time for many swimmers. Focus will shift from a good practice to a good test and then back to a good practice and probably another good test. Your mind may be a bit overwhelmed with everything going on right now. The key is to focus on one thing at a time while focusing on everything as a whole.


Well, let me explain. The moments before and during, focus on the test or the practice. Don’t let your mind wander from finding “x” to what workout will be like tonight. And vice versa, if your coach is telling you to focus on your pull, don’t try to figure out how to do the problem you skipped on your final. In other words, live in the moment and having fun living it. Each part of life needs some sort of focus because each piece adds up to the whole thing.

Each part of life has its own important role. School and swimming are just two important parts in it. Don’t forget about your friends, family, maybe other activities you do outside of school, and anything else. All of those put together fall into one complete puzzle. If you focus on life as a single entity, you focus on everything at the same time. Instead of shifting focus back and forth, the big picture focus will keep you on top of things. Need to focus on school? That’s part of life. How about swimming? That’s life as well.

Saying “I’m going to focus on life” is going to be easier than thinking “I’m going to focus on my two finals, helping my sibling, a dryland session, my chores, afternoon practice, and what I’ll eat afterwards. As long as you focus on life, you’ll be able to focus on anything and everything.

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Thursday's Practice: 100's - Loveland Swim and Dive

Thursday’s Practice: 100’s


400 Warm up (400)


Kick Set – Choice Stroke, Fins optional (~700/1200)

10 Minute Kick w/ Board

O Minutes – HARD

E Minutes – Rec


Pull Set – Paddles, no buoy (900/2100)

3×300 hard kick & Rotate @ :10r


100 Prep


Main Set (1500/3700)

Inspiration Here

100’s – Tough it out

  • 3 @ 1:20/1:25/1:30/1:35/1:45
  • 3 @ 1:15/1:20/1:25/1:30/1:40
  • 3 @ 1:10/1:15/1:20/1:25/1:35
  • 3 @ 1:15/1:20/1:25/1:30/1:40
  • 3 @ 1:20/1:25/1:30/1:35/1:45


Stroke Set (4300)

600 IM

  • 50S/50D/50D


Starts & Turns


200 Cool Down (4500 total)

Wednesday’s Practice: Endurance/Speed

Warm Up (1200)

600 choice swim

3×200 build


Kick Set w/ Fins

2 Rounds (600/1800)

75 @1:20 Kick

100 @1:20 Kick Faster

125 @1:20 Kick ALL OUT!!


Pull Set (500/2300)

500 Pull Paddles, Buoy, Band, Snorkel


Main Set (1800/4100)

3 Rounds – No rest between rounds. Stay on Interval!

100 75% @ 1:20/1:40

50 80% @:50/1:00

2×25 AO 100% @ :30/:40 (Choice Stroke)

200 75% @2:40/3:20

100 80% @ 1:20/1:40

2×50 AO 100% @:50/1:00 (Choice Stroke)


4 each Relay Starts (200/4300)

  • 4 ULTRA FAST strokes
  • Relax
  • FAST off wall


200 CD (4500 total)


Plank up-downs to Moby’s “Flower”

Featured Image via: SwimAmerica

Tuesdays Practice: Active vs Passive Recovery - Loveland High School Swim and Dive

Tuesday’s Practice: Active vs. Passive Recovery

400 Warm up (400)

Kick Set (800/1200)

No fins

2 rounds – SPEED KICK

3x {100 @ 2:00 – Goal to finish @ PR 100free time

  • 75 AO kick
  • 25 EZ swim}

100 Easy swim @ 1:20/1:40


Stroke Set (800/2000)

8×100 @1:20/1:25/1:30/1:35/1:40

  • 75bk/25br – up tempo


Main Set (2000/4000)

Figuring out the secret of active recovery vs passive recovery is key in all athletics, but in the world of fast-paced swim meets, sometimes with back to back events, this skill becomes invaluable. In this set you determine the length of the rest interval by how much time you take after your fast swims. Example: If you only take a couple breaths at the wall after your fast 100 in set 1, then you’ll have more passive recovery at the wall after the 100 recovery before you have to swim fast again. The other option is to split the passive rest evenly, leaving only a few seconds between each swim.

Preference between active and passive recovery depends on the athlete, experiment with strategies and do what feels best to you.

You must stop between distances. 2×100 does not equal 200.

5x total time @ 3:00/3:10/3:20/3:30/3:40

  • 100 95%
  • 100 recovery

5x total time @ 2:00/2:10/2:20/2:30/2:40

  • 100 95%
  • 50 recovery

5x @ 1:00/1:00/1:10/1:10/1:20

  • 50 AO 100%


4 Each Relay Starts (200/4200)

  • 4 ULTRA FAST strokes
  • Relax
  • FAST off wall

300 Cool Down (4500 total)

Tuesday Weights

Station 1

Power deadlift


Warm up with bar to challenging 10 rep weight

5×5 :03 lower :01 raise

Station 2

Lunges with weight at least half reps over-head

1 Round

100 total (50 per leg)


:20 plank :10 rest when done

Station 3

4 rounds

20x Bent over row with a challenging weight

40x Total Slow motion bicycles

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Monday’s Practice – Sprint/Distance Shakeout


400 Warm Up (400)


Kick Set- Fins (600/1000)

3×200 @:10r

  • 50 drill/100 kick/ 50 drill


Skill Set (800/1400)

2 Rounds

4x 50 – 2/1 breaths max per 25 @ :50

200 pull, buoy only @ 2:50/3:00


Stroke Set (600/2200)

600 IM

  • 50 swim/50 drill/50 swim


Main Set (2000/4200)

3 Rounds

8×50 ALL OUT

  • 4 @1:10
  • 2 @1:00
  • 2 @ :50

400 EZ stroke reset between rounds


4 Relay 50’s (200/4400) @1:00

  • From a dive (or push off the wall)
  • 4 ULTRA FAST breakout strokes
  • Relax
  • FAST out of turn
  • Relax
  • Smooth Finish

300 Cool Down (4600 total)



Stretching, Mobility