Notes for the Week

Right when you’re getting used to the 400’s at practice, we’re switching gears.

This week we’re starting to blend into the anaerobic/power phase of our training plan, and that means more speed work: shorter distances and more intense paces. Wednesday we finish up the aerobic phase and Friday we make the official switch.

Along with these changes in the water we’ll be making some changes on land. More sprinting, more jumping movements, and more powerful lifts in the weight room. From now on, bring shoes to run in and come prepared to potentially (weather permitting) hit the track during dryland workouts.

We’ll also start hitting more mobility training. Please bring a lacrosse ball to every practice, and if you have a foam roller/stick bring those as well.


Everyday from now on bring…

  • Running shoes
  • Dryland clothes
  • Lacrosse ball.

Newsletter Recap

Parent Shirts

In order to eliminate human error, I’ve created this shirt sign up form for the parent T’s. Even if you’ve let me know of your interest, please click the link and fill out your info. That way everything is in one place and nothing can get lost.

Shirt Sign Up form

Loveland at Mountain Range

Thursday 3/31 at Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center

Athlete Release: 1:45pm

Bus Leaves LHS: 2:00pm

Warm up: 3:00pm

Meet Start: 4:00pm

We’ll be stopping at Cold Stone on our way home, if athletes would like ice cream, please bring a few dollars!

Mornings This Week

  • This week we’ll be back in the weight room on Tuesday Morning 5:45-6:45AM (required)
  • Friday morning make-up will be in the pool as always.
  • Saturday weight sessions (9-10am) also resume on April 2nd!

Spring Break

At this point in the season taking a week off can be extremely detrimental to the training program, but I completely understand that travel during this week can be a much needed escape from normal life for the whole family! To receive complete attendance points for spring break, athletes need to practice at least 3 times and need to bring in a note from a parent/guardian saying they did in fact complete the practices.  

  • Travelers: I’ll be posting team workouts on the website each day of the week.
  • Non-Travelers: We will continue to have team practices each weekday morning from 7:30-9:35AM* and weights on Saturday 4/9.

*Tuesday 4/5  we will swim from 7:30-8:45 and head down to the weight room from 9-10:00.
When we return from break, we hit the ground running with two meets the week of 4/11.


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