Fine-Tune Your Open Turns

Last week was our first meet of the Men’s season, and we absolutely crushed it. The team as a whole looked pretty solid, and everyone swam great, but we still need some fine-tuning.

“Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.”

– Knute Rockne

Meets are a great time for coaches to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both individuals (which we will tell you post-race) and the team as a whole. This lets us design practices with specific skills in mind to work on turning weaknesses into strengths.

At this point, LHS is weakest between the flags and the wall in either direction.

  • Starts
  • Turns
  • Finishes

Our open turns and backstroke turns are particularly hard to watch.

Over the next few practices, we’ll be working on all of our weak points, starting with open and backstroke turns.

While Ryan Lachte isn’t my favorite person to have do these examples (he does some odd things that don’t work for every swimmer), these vids do offer some really good basic tips that everyone should get familiar with.

Open Turn (Fly)

Backstroke Turn

Backstroke to Breaststroke “Bucket” Turn

I realize this girl is MAYBE 13 years old, but this is the best example of a high-school legal bucket turn I could find.

Stay Motivated

It can get tough working on skills and drills in practice. Often times these sets are the most boring, or most technically challenging, and the tired mind will start to wander. Well, don’t let it!

While drill sets might be dull, they are one of the most important parts of practice. Developing good techniques leads to more efficient swimming and faster times in races, which is the whole reason we’re here, right?

One of the best ways to get motivated and stay focused is to watch some fast races. So here you go!

Michael Phelps Wins 200m Individual Medley Gold – London 2012 Olympics



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