NEWS: We’re Officially Undefeated, FRLM Schedule

What a great way to finish up our regular season! We’ve ended at 6-0, the highest ranking in our league in dual meets! Great work athletes and their support teams!

Lets take this attitude into the Conference meet!

This is URGENT (and really, really important)

We’re less than a week until conference, and the team still need your help! While I’m dealing with coaches, athletes, entries, general meet running things and other administrative junk, I need volunteers to help out with concessions, ESPECIALLY SATURDAY afternoon! Carol Lang has done an awesome job getting this monster of a project organized, and she’s set up this sign up sheet to make things even easier! Please, please, please add your name to the list of helpers. If you’re worried about missing your athlete swim/dive, don’t be! I’ll have a couple runners so you’re sure not to miss your athlete’s events. BONUS: Meet volunteers have free entry!

All of these slots need to be filled by Friday, please help the team out!

Front Range League Meet (Conference) Prelims, Friday 2/5

Athletes released from School at Lunch: 11:00am
Doors Open for Coaches, Swimmers, Volunteers: 12:00pm
Doors Open for Spectators: 1:00pm
Swimming Prelims warm-up: 12:30 – 2:50pm
Swimming Prelims Start: 3:00pm

FRLM Finals, Saturday 2/6

Doors Open for Coaches, Divers, Volunteers: 6:15am
Doors Open for Dive Spectators: 7:15am
Diving prelims warm-up: 7:00 – 8:50am
Diving Prelims Start: 9:00am

Swimming warm-up: 1:00 – 2:00pm
Diving (finals) warm-up: 1:00 – 2:00pm
Board Closes: 2:00pm
Coaches’ meeting: 1:40pm
Swimming Finals Start: 2:00pm

Meet Moments

Loveland vs. Legacy

Final Score: Loveland 163 Legacy 151

This win means that the Loveland Girls Swim and Dive team has finished the regular season undefeated in dual meets!

Most Improved: Moira Dillow is our most improved this week, she added 24 points to her 6 dive meet score for a total of 195.65

High Point Scorer: Erin Lang brought in 16 points for LHS, taking 1st in both the 200IM (2:16.5) and the 500 free (5:23.49)


This Week: Conference Volunteers, Last Duel Meet, Taper

For communication’s sake, the following is copied directly from this weeks newsletter. It’s important that everyone is on the same page, so please read this carefully!

First, I want to praise all athletes for stellar performances last week. On Tuesday we had lots of great swims and a fantastic sense of pride in honor of our seniors. Saturday, we had a lot of ladies sick at BOCO, but they kept it together well and gave it all they had for their team!

We’re still seeing significant time drops in many swimmers, and steady improvement from the divers which is a great sign for conference!

Time for More Good News: 

For swimmers who have not yet qualified for state, this Tuesday begins taper! Light workouts, less dryland, more stretching and recovery with a goal to be 100% ready to rock at conference.

* Athletes who have made an individual state cut will begin tapering next Monday.

Some notes on taper:

  • Practices are about to get REALLY short. Parents please be aware that beginning Tuesday tapering athletes may get done with practice around 5:00, rather than 5:20. I’ll tweet during practice of timing looks way off and your swimmers may need a ride sooner than 5:00.

  • No Friday morning practice! This means that Tuesday AM will be a required swim, but athletes only need to get up early one morning this week and next.

  • Tights! It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, the time when swimmers get to wear tights/pantyhose in the pool along with their drag suits. These tights need not be fancy, $1 Walgreens stockings with the feet cut off are perfect. All swimmers (even state qualifiers) should wear tights starting on Tuesday.

Conference: Front Range League Meet

Thanks to all the parents who made it to the meeting on Wednesday, and HUGE thanks to Lori Brent and Carol Lang who have taken on organizing hospitality and concessions respectively.

The following is a message from these lovely ladies, please read it carefully.

Loveland High School Girls Swim & Dive Team Families,

Your help is needed to host the best Front Range Conference Meet ever!  To make this meet great, all that is needed is an investment of your time to help run concessions and hospitality. The LHS Boys Swim & Dive team is going to time and we are going to be able fund the purchase of concessions & hospitality with our fundraiser account (no donations required!)

Please take a few minutes to sign-up for a time-slot or two. Many hands make light work and if we all contribute a little, hosting the meet will be a breeze. Sarah, the team managers and myself will make sure that all volunteers will get to see their athletes swim.

Thank you in advance,

Carol Lang and Lori Brent

As I said at the parent meeting, the conference meet is the last and most important meet of 98% of the swimmers in our league. It’s our responsibility to make sure this meet runs as smoothly as possible so they can end their season on a high note! Your volunteering for any position is highly valued and appreciated by all 13 teams in our league!

Final Duel Meet

This Thursday is our last duel meet, the rescheduled meet against Legacy due to the snow day in December.

Location: VMAC, Thornton
Release Time: 1:25
Bus will leave LHS at 1:40
Warm Up’s: 3:00pm
Meet Start: 4:00pm
Estimated return to LHS: 6:30-7:00pm

Meet Moments 

Loveland vs. Poudre

Final Score: Loveland: 134  Poudre: 49

Most Improved: Mackenzie Warden cut a whopping 22.93 seconds off her 500 freestyle, swimming a time of 7:22.96!

High Point Scorer: Grace Payton took 1st place in two events on Tuesday, bringing in 12 points for LHS!

Senior Night Cheer! from Sarah Monk on Vimeo.

Loveland at BOCO

Final Score: 10th Place

Most Improved: Erin Lang swam her 500 free in 5:16.44, a season best by 8.47 seconds!

High Point Scorer: Erin Lang grabbed two 5th place spots for LHS, one a tie, bringing home 35.5 points for Loveland!

Keep Your Head in the Game: Only 3 Weeks to Conference

It’s so easy to let your mind wander during practice, especially since you’ve already got 9 weeks of tough practices under your belt. The fatigue sets in, you’re motivation starts to wane, you lose track of your laps, does it really matter anyway at this point?

Heck yes it does.

Rather than focusing on how long the season feels, try thinking about just how little time 3 weeks really is. Use that realization to help keep you motivated in the water. These next several practices are the most important of the year, so let’s work hard to stay focused, stay pumped up, and stay swimming toward your goals.

The following article is via Swim Swam, and in it is some great advice to swimmers who are starting to feel the yards sink in. Give it a read, and really think about why you’re swimming, the big picture, and then narrow down your focus to your individual goals.

How do I Stay Motivated to Train Hard in Swimming?

Easily the most common question I get in my inbox – outside of that friendly Nigerian prince who keeps wanting to give me some money – is a variation of the same question: How do I stay motivated to train, even when I don’t feel like it?

The assumption is that elite swimmers wake up fired up, ready to go, 24/7. What many swimmers don’t realize is that they suffer from the same motivational lapses as the rest. They also have those mornings when the last thing they want to do is roll out of bed. In other words, what you are experiencing is not weird.

What differentiates them from mere mortals is what happens next. That in the face of fatigue, soreness, and lack of motivation they still find a way to make it to the pool and crush their workout.

Here are 6 ways to dust off the inner drive:

1. Remember that motivational lapses are natural. Don’t think something is wrong with you if you wake up tired and unmotivated. Often swimmers will take this lapse personally and assume that this must mean that they aren’t good enough, or driven enough. The lapses are normal, but it is what you do to deal with them that will set you apart.

2. Watch a couple Olympic races. For a quick motivational jolt there are fewer things better than watching some of the great moments from our sport. Lezak’s come from behind win in Beijing, Evans winning the 400m free in Seoul, Agnel’s dominating 200 free in London. If you are in need of a quick dose of motivation there is nothing easier or faster than hitting up a couple fast races on YouTube.

Here you go ladies: 2012 London Olympics USA Breaks World Record 4×100 Medley Relay

3. Rest up. Ever notice how blinding fatigue can be? When you are utterly exhausted the world could be burning down but all you can think about is your pillow and blankie. Nothing else seems to matter; not your swimming, not your nutrition, not your goals.

We’re raised on being an “all go, no quit” sort of bunch, with pride in doing it better and harder and longer than other sports. Often our sleep suffers as a result. Something as simple as catching up on our sleep can not only regenerate our bodies, but also give us that critical clarity and sense of purpose again.

4. Reconnect with your goals. Often swimmers get demotivated when that they have veered off the path towards their goals. Either their goals are no longer attainable (creating a “what’s the point?” scenario) or interest has waned.

Sit down with your goals for a few minutes. Make adjustments based on where you stand with your training right now, and where you would like to be moving forward. Additionally, if you are feeling particularly ambitious, try to figure out where you lost your path. If you can figure that out you will have a powerful mini-list of things to avoid moving forward.

5. Pick one thing to demolish today. On your way to the pool pick one thing you are going to work on, and forget everything else. It could be a particular stroke count, or breathing pattern, or a specific adjustment to your technique. When you remove distractions, and focus your thoughts and energy on doing one thing spectacularly well, you’ll find that it has the curious side effect of cratering outwards to other parts of your swimming as well.

6. Act. One of the easiest ways to sap your motivation is to procrastinate. To wait. To sit around, hoping, wishing. Action builds momentum and gets you on the path to achieving results, which in turn helps fuel the motivational fire.

So do something, anything, immediately and get rolling towards excellence.

Born in the Back Woods – Keith Wiedeman Invite 2016

Olivier Poirier-Leroy is a former national level swimmer based out of Victoria, BC.

Starts and Turns: Do Them Faster

Starts and turns. They can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. You can win or lose races with your start and turns, and it’s way more fun to win.

Below this week’s info you’ll find videos. Several for turns, several for starts.

I suggest watching them and writing down key points to think about while you’re swimming during practice. I’ll give you a few bullet-points from the videos for you to keep in mind, but it’s always better to write down the specific points that stick out to you individually. Writing specific, key points down is the best way to memorize them for easier recall later while you’re in the water.

We’ll be working more on fast turns and clean starts as the season ticks on. In order to make the most of your time, please come to practice having watched these videos and with ideas for things to work on already in your brain!

This Week

Loveland vs. Greeley West

This Tuesday we swim against Greeley West High School at the Greeley Recreation Center. Athletes please wear your team shirt to school on Tuesday to show your team spirit!

  • Athletes will be released from class at 1:15
  • The bus will leave at promptly 1:30
  • We may have some down time, so if you have any homework, do it!
  • Warm up’s start at 3:00
  • Meet starts at 4:00
  • We should return to the school by 7:00

2015 Keith Wiedemen Invite

LHS will be competing alongside a good number of teams this weekend, so lets show some Indian pride! This meet has a different format than most, with diving on Friday only, and the swimming events on Saturday.

Friday – Diving

Due to the number of divers we have, athletes are asked to find their own transportation to the Greeley Recreation Center on Friday.

  • Divers will be released from class at 12:50 on Friday
  • Leave LHS by 1:00
  • Dive Coach Jim Toomey will meet you at the pool before warm ups
  • Warm up starts at 2:00pm
  • Diving starts at 4:00pm
Saturday – Swimming

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information yet for warm up times, so some of this may change. For now, plan on…

  • Bus will leave LHS at 6:30am
  • Warm ups start at 8:00 (Complete guess)
  • Meet starts at 10:00am (This is correct)



Where to Place Your Feet

  • Dominant foot forward, toes over edge of block
  • Feet should be one hand width between feet laterally
  • Back foot should be about one foot size behind front
  • Base should feel steady and powerful

The Slingshot Start

  • Begin in a RELAXED position with your hands on the block
  • Keep head lowered, stare at the back heel of your front foot
  • On mark, shift weight to rear foot and add tension to arms by pulling upward
  • On the push off, initiate movement from rear foot

The Backstroke Start

  • Get airborne
  • Place feet side by side, high in the water, shoulder width apart
  • On mark, pull in an upward to a balanced position with your bum out of the water
  • Keep chin up and spine in a line



The Approach

  • Accelerate into the wall
  • Keep eyes at bottom of pool

The Flip

  • Tuck into a tight ball
  • Rotate to your stomach AFTER the flip
  • Keep arms straight, pulling into streamline
  • Keep head down, tucked to chest

The Push and Breakout

  • Push straight off the wall
  • Rotate to your stomach at a steady pace
  • Kick hard and fast right off the wall
  • Hold streamline tightly
  • Do not breathe on first stroke