Thursday’s Set: Swim with a Goal

In today’s main set we’re simulating late-race fatigue by steadily lowering the interval of the 50’s, reducing the amount of recovery the swimmer gets.

The challenge is to swim each 50 all out and land within :03 of the first. How to meet that goal depends of the utilization of the rest-period given. Active recovery is an option here, doing a light swim to 12.5, or kicking on the wall are examples of how to stay moving. Be creative.

However you choose to spend your recovery time, make sure to keep both your mind and body in the game.

Warm Up (400)

400 Easy

Kick Set- Fins (400)

2×200 @:10r

  • 50 drill/100 kick/ 50 drill

Skill Set (800/1200)

2 Rounds

4x 50 free swim @:50

  • 2 breaths max on 1st 25, 1 breath max on 2nd

200 free pull buoy only (no paddles) @ 3:00/3:30/4:00

Stroke Set (600/1800)

600 IM 

  • 50 swim/50 drill/50 swim
  • Don’t lose speed on the swims

Main Set (2000/3800)

3 Rounds 

Challenge: Swim all 50’s within :03 seconds 

8×50 ALL OUT

  • 4 @1:40
  • 2 @1:20
  • 2 @1:00

400 EZ between rounds 

300 Cool Down (4100 total)


Image via: clogsilk


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