Tuesday’s Practice: Let’s Dust it Off


It’s drag suit time! What does that mean??! It means that starting this week (ASAP) swimmers need to bring and wear drag suits over their normal practice suit. Don’t freak out, It’s not time for tights quite yet (although I wouldn’t stop you). So what’s a drag suit? It’s any old swim suit that’s been completely mutilated to provide as much water resistance for the swimmer as possible. Think swiss cheese. The key is to only cut the top layer of fabric, tie knots, leave fringe, go crazy. The more holes the better. Here’s an example…


Have a forgiving attitude about practice today. If you’ve not been in the water since last Wednesday, that’s a long time to take a break and you WILL feel it. But that’s ok! You’re not the only one, I promise. Just get through this practice, look at whatever weakness you might feel as an opportunity for physical growth, and move on. Tomorrow will feel better.

Now get it!

Warm Up

400 Easy

Kick set – fins – all Dolphin Kick UW (400/800)

2 Rounds

  • Meant to be done under lane lines, w/ an open turn at wall. Modify as needed.

4x 12.5 @:20

1x 25 @ :30

3x 12.5 @:20

1x 25 @:30

2x 12.5 @:20

1x 25 @:30

1x 12.5 @20

1x 25 @:30

1:00 Rest

Pull Set – Fins and Paddles, no snorkel (800/1600)

4×200 @ :10r

  • Smooth and balanced, breathe on 4 and 5 by 25
  • When breathing on 4’s, switch between strong and weak side by 25.
    • ex: 25 on 4’s to left, 25 on 5’s, 25 on 4’s to right, 25 on 5’s etc…
  • DO NOT breathe out of turns

Main Set (2000/3600)

20×100 – Descend within each group of 100’s from 1-5

5x 100 free @1:25/1:30/1:45/1:50/2:10

1:00 Plank

5x 100 IM @1:30/1:35/1:50/2:00/2:30

1:00 plank

5x 100 free @1:25/1:30/1:45/1:50/2:10

1:00 Plank

5x 100 Choice @1:30/1:35/1:50/2:00/2:30

Starts + Sprint 25 (250/3850)

10×25 from a dive (from a push if blocks are unavailable)

  • 1-3 BNF
  • 4-6 BNF
  • 7-9 Free

250 CD (4100 Total)


Image via: Dave Dugdale


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