Monday’s Set – Fly

Todays focus is on the stroke everyone loves to hate: Butterfly.

It’s arguably faster than freestyle, but it takes so much guts that it’s rare to see a swimmer excel at fly. You have to be strong and willing to grit this stroke out in order to see it’s full potential.

Have fun with this today, relax, focus on form and timing. You’ve got it.

400 warm up

  • Every 4th 25 choice stroke

Kick set- Fins (500/900)

10×50 @ :50

Odds – fly kick on bk

Evens – free kick with board

Drill Set (400/1300) – Fins

16×25 @ :30

  • 1-4 Right only-Left only-Front  breathe on every stroke. Keep head low when breathing forward.
  • 5-8 Dolphin kick on side, hands at sides
  • 9-12 7 Underwater Dolphin Kicks (UDK)/7 Strokes (Fly)
  • 13-16 Swim Fly: focus on kick rhythm… kick hands into water, kick hands out of water

Pull Set (600/1900) Buoy and Paddles

3×200 @ :15r

  • Breathing on 4/5 by 50
  • High elbow catch and pull

Main set (1400/3300)

Complete each set twice before moving on to the next one, adjust intervals as needed. Keep it challenging. 

  1. 300 steady free 4:00/4:15/4:45/5:00

                 3×25 fly @ :40

  1. 200 steady free 2:40/2:50/3:10/3:20

                 2×25 fly @ :40

  1. 100 easy free 1:20/1:25/1:35/1:40

                25 fly all out @ :40

100 Easy Cool Down  (3400)



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