All about Freestyle

This week, we’ll continue working on skills and swimming technique with a special focus on Freestyle.

Freestyle is the main stroke in high school swimming, and all swimmers should have a strong foundation to build upon. Last week the team was introduced to a few drills focusing on freestyle body rotation, strong kicking technique, head position and the catch. This week we’ll analyze the pull phase of the stroke, and add in a couple more drills to help eliminate causes of drag.

Take a look

Please watch the following videos to prep for upcoming practices, and continue to make note of these principles while in the water.

Notes for the week

  • This week all practices are at normal times, and we start mornings! Only one morning practice is required each week. If there is a Tuesday meet, the Tuesday morning practice will be required and Friday will be a make up practice. If there’s no meet, swimmers are free to choose between Tuesday and Friday. Check out the schedule if you need a refresher.
  • Club swimmers are expected to check in daily (just come and say hi), and swim with the team on Tuesday, Thursday, some Fridays TBA, and attend Saturday weights practice.
  • The team suit order deadline has been extended to this Monday, November 16th. Order your suits at MI Sports. Suits run small, make sure to try them on. There are two suit styles to choose from. Team suits are REQUIRED for each swimmer.
  • Team Shirt Order Deadline is Monday, November 16th. Shirts run large! A regular unisex t shirt size small is the same as an XS in this style of shirt. If you want to change your shirt size, please resubmit and I’ll use the latest submitted size. Shirts will be $10 per swimmer and $20 per non swimmer. Please check out this blog post to submit shirt size information.
  • There will be a Team Meeting (including divers please!) on Tuesday November 17th right after school and before we get in the pool. In this meeting we will….
    • Elect team captains! (Seniors wanting to run for captain: please have a short speech prepared!)
    • Go over team rules and expectations for the season
    • Fill out a short survey about your swimming history/goals
  • We will be passing out parkas/jackets on Thursday November 19th

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