Here we go Ladies!

Alright everyone, here we go! Welcome to the 2015-2016 season of girls swimming at Loveland High School!

This Week’s Schedule

  • Preseason practice is from the 9th to the 11th, 3:15-5:20. While they’re not required, I would STRONGLY suggest you attend.
  • Thursday the 12th is a big day for Athletics, with the first official practice that afternoon, as well as our all athletic fundraiser/silent auction that evening.
  • Friday the 13th there’s no school, so we’ll be in the water from 7:30-9:20AM, no PM practice.
  • PLEASE get your athletic release forms turned in either on or before the 9th. Please don’t drop it off to Jackie on the 12th, she’ll be super busy with the fundraiser.

This Week’s Focus

For the next couple of weeks we’ll focus mostly on skill. Quality over quantity. You’ll need to get your form back in check before we bump up the yardage, and to do this we’ll be doing a LOT of drills and technique based sets so you can regain your sea-legs.

Here’s Your Homework…

Get pumped up! Let’s make this season the best one yet.


Feature image via: Asten


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